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Construction of Engineering Education Quality Assurance System in Applied Undergraduate Colleges Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education

The establishment of Emerging Engineering Education is not only a new type of talent cultivation system, but also the world's largest-scale engineering education reform in the contemporary world. Within the process of transitioning from nurturing research-oriented talents to application-oriented talents, application-oriented undergraduate institutions are interwoven with the transformation brought about by the Emerging Engineering Education development. Their quality assurance system for talent cultivation faces greater challenges. Addressing the practical issues in engineering education at application-oriented undergraduate institutions under the backdrop of Emerging Engineering Education, this article proposes a stable and effective engineering education quality assurance system that ensures and enhances the quality of engineering education. It supervises and regulates the teaching system to accomplish the predetermined goals of cultivating applied talents and exceptional engineers. The construction of the engineering education quality assurance system in application-oriented undergraduate institutions within the context of Emerging Engineering Education development should adhere to the scientific developmental concept of being "student-centered, output-oriented, and continuously improving." This article provides a profound interpretation of the essence of this concept and systematically discusses the entire process of establishing and implementing the quality assurance system, addressing the questions of who will provide assurance, what needs assurance, and how assurance will be ensured. The thoughtful construction of the engineering education quality assurance system in application-oriented undergraduate institutions will not only contribute to enhancing the quality of education and cultivating exceptional engineering talents but also facilitate the development and elevation of the school's reputation. It will meet the needs of society and industries, propelling continuous innovation and advancement in engineering education.

Emerging Engineering Education, Talent Cultivation, Engineering Education Quality Assurance, System Construction

Yue Feng, Jianqiang Ren, Yanhua Wang, Lingjuan Zhang, Xinghua Zhang. (2023). Construction of Engineering Education Quality Assurance System in Applied Undergraduate Colleges Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education. Science Journal of Education, 11(5), 162-168.

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