Science Journal of Education

Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2023

  • Students’ Perceptions of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Chemistry Teachers on the Concept of Hybridization

    Huaru Alhassan Marifa, Moses Abdullai Abukari, Jonathan Ayelsoma Samari, Philip Dorsah, Fatao Abudu

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2023
    Pages: 61-76
    Received: 23 January 2023
    Accepted: 16 February 2023
    Published: 9 March 2023
    Abstract: Students’ perceptions of their teachers have been reported in literature to influence their interest, attitudes and motivation to learn and also influence their understanding of concepts in a subject. To improve the understanding of concepts in topics taught in our schools, there is the need for students to have a positive perception of their teach... Show More
  • Comparative Analysis of the Learning of Oral Anatomy and Physiology Under Different Teaching Approaches

    Huiling Sun, Minqi Li, Wenqing Zhang

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2023
    Pages: 77-82
    Received: 17 February 2023
    Accepted: 22 March 2023
    Published: 28 March 2023
    Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze and compare the influence of traditional lecture, MOOC online learning and flipped classroom on the learning of the course Oral Anatomy and Physiology. We compare and analyze the teaching on three cohorts of undergraduate dental students: students from Grade 2012 (n = 38, traditional lecture cohort), students... Show More
  • Preliminary Discussion on the Teaching of Medical Majors and Non-medical Majors in Digital Vision

    Xue-Jing Lin, Qiu-Chi Ran, Hong-Yuan Tian, Qing Yuan, Jie Zhou, Ting-Huang Shi, Zi-Lin Wang, Junaid Javed, Zhu-Ling Guo

    Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2023
    Pages: 83-86
    Received: 28 November 2022
    Accepted: 12 December 2022
    Published: 27 April 2023
    Abstract: With the extensive application of modern information technology in the field of pedagogy, medical and other non-medical majors, through online teaching, combined with their professional characteristics, ameliorate traditional learning models, productively design online teaching models, and apply them in practice. Good results have been achieved. In... Show More